We recieve countless testimonials from happy clients. If we were to list them all here the page would be never ending! Here is just some of the feedback recieved from clients. Personal details have been kept confedential to comply with the guidelines of the membering body guidelines 🙂

‘Went to my therapist for counselling and hypnotherapy for help with anxiety issues. I have had only 2 sessions and felt a real diffrence after the first session. After the 2nd session I feel so much better, calmer and in control 🙂 My confidence in all situations has improved immensely!! I feel like superwoman!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Female, Slough.

“I found Hypnotherapy to be very relaxing and I always left the session with a smile on my face.   I would definitely recommend this therapist as after only a few sessions I felt like a new person.   Thank you for changing my life and making a lasting diffrence, I could not have done it without you.”

  A S from Slough, Berkshire


“I loved the mix of receiving such professional standards at affordable therapys and such a personal touch to of sincere care from my counselor.” Will recomend very good service.


My life has changed. You gave me hope and brought my faith and healthy friends back into my life . I really am a new person!” Thanks to all the team at affordable therapy centres.

T G from Westminster

“My Therapist created a great environment and made me so mindful of who I was and how to move forward and achieve what I was missing. Teaching me some great techniques to help me along my journey. It was the most revealing thing I’ve ever done. Thank you so much!…”Male, London..(2 sessions)

‘I feel so much better in my self and would like to see you for couple more weeks so I have long term affect..’ Thankyou. Female… Langley..
‘Im happy to give it a try with you.. you have helped so much’..Female.. Maidenhead.. (a client who wanted to try giving up smoking after I helped her with anxiety)
‘No one  has done for me what you have’...Female, Maidenhead..(Same Client as above after sucessfully giving up smoking)
‘Hi I hope you are well, Iam fantastic, the wedding went perfectly. I really enjoyed the whole day. I was so calm I couldnt believe it, no panic attacks and the day went almost as you described it in the sessions, had a good laugh with all the guests while I was waiting for ——– and my voice when it came to the weddding vows was pretty much normal. Had lots of texts from the guests the day after and all said what a great day and how pleased they were to be asked to be part of our special day and how much they enjoyed it. Thankyou so much or all your help, you certainly are a miracle worker.’…(for anxiety) Male, Maidenhead
 “Focused hypnosis really helped with instant change of my behaviour and attitude to how I feel about life and outlook. These sessions have been invaluable. They have prevented me spiralling downwards and have put a stop to negative thoughts. I would highly recommend Sidra in her expertise in this field as she is quite remarkable in the way I have been helped. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family..” Female, Slough

“Thanks for all your help in 2014.You have made a difference to my life and Iam very grateful! See you again … (Female, Maidenhead)

‘I have tried to kick the smoking habit before but I found it impossible. I can’t believe how just one session stopped my bad habit that bothered me for years! I can thoroughly recommend a Hypnotherapy session with Sidra to anyone’ Thank you!…Female, Guilford (one session)
“Sidra is very good at hypnotherapy. Would recommend her to anyone!” …Male, Slough (one session)
“EXCELLENT. Very professional, I’m coping much better with my drink problem. Haven’t touched a drop! I recommend it!”…Male, Slough (Third session)
 ‘Noticing changes in behaviour already.. see you Tuesday…’ Female, Slough (after only one session for weightloss)